• This rosé is made from a subtle blend of Negrette and Gamay
    Origin (not claimed): PGI Côtes de Gascogne: Coteaux du Frontonnais (Fronton and Tolosan vineyards)
  • Direct pressing of red grapes and vinification with specific yeast in low-temperature stainless steel vats (17°C)
  • Short skin maceration to extract a small amount of colour and the aromatic compounds

Tasting notes

  • A wine with a light, straightforward and modern colour – a perfect summer wine which should be drunk chilled (or even on ice) on a terrace or by the pool.
  • On the nose, small fresh red fruit (strawberry, raspberry) and citrus fruit (grapefruit, lemon)
  • Fresh and lively on the palate – grapefruit notes in the finish – fruity and straightforward with hints of caramel
  • Enjoyable, simple, delicious, thirst-quenching wine to drink as an aperitif or simply outside with friends this summer.

Question to the winemaker

What is the technical cunning behind this ample, easy-drinking rosé?

  • First of all it is the combination of two techniques used to very gently extract colour and aromatic components: direct pressing and a very brief skin maceration lasting 36 to 48 hours. Secondly, it is vinification at a very low temperature (as for white wines) with a specially selected yeast strain.