• This rosé, a thirst-quenching summer wine par excellence, is made from a blend of two varieties: one (Negrette) originally from the south-west, and the other (Gamay) from Beaujolais.
  • The wine is made from direct pressing of red grapes after a short amount of time (3 to 4 hours) resting in the press and fermentation with specially selected yeast in low-temperature stainless steel vats (16°C)

Tasting notes

  • A wine with a light, straightforward and modern pink colour – a thirst-quenching wine which we recommend enjoying chilled among friends
  • A bouquet of red fruit (blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry) and citrus (mandarin)
  • Fresh and elegant on the palate – a wine which will quench your thirst at any time of day.

Question to the winemaker

You have successfully made a very ‘fashionable’ rosé which also offers a certain intensity, how have you managed this?

  • We simply tried to create two types of rosé wines which we then blended according to their characteristics and in particular to the synergy between the two. One rosé was very light, barely extracted, made using white vinification of a red variety, and the second was more extracted and made using classic rosé vinification techniques with a two-day maceration. The combination of the two offers this successful result. In addition, it was down to the group’s decision to produce this blend using proportions known only to us. Some things have to remain secret!