• A wine in a ‘New World style’ made from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard and Gros Manseng.
  • Origin (not claimed): you might think it was from South Africa or New Zealand, but that is not the case at all – it is south-western France offering this fruitiness and ripeness thanks to the Gascony sunshine.
  • A quest for modernity in the vinification process combined with this Gascony terroir offers up the aromas of these grape varieties, and fermentation at no more than 16°C safeguards the wine’s style.

Tasting notes

  • Explosive aromas of blackcurrant bud, exotic fruit (passion fruit or yellow granadilla) and citrus (grapefruit) appear both in the bouquet and on the palate, with a lingering mineral finish.

Question to the winemaker

What technical ‘trick’ did you use to obtain this explosive aromatic fruitiness?

  • The ‘trick’ is in the selection of grape varieties with aromatic terpene potential and thus with a very present natural footprint of fruitiness. This was highlighted by cold maceration before pressing to extract the aromas contained in the skin. Finally, must settling at 4-5°C on the lees is performed before fermentation, again at low temperatures. It is as simple as that.