The origin

A cellar master in Cognac, Jérôme Tessendier had long wanted to rally his loved ones around their shared passion for wine. Following numerous meals with many of his friends, he hoped to bring the most passionate among them together and compile each person’s tastes and desires into a single wine.

Ann, Thierry, Jérôme, Christophe, Oriane and Thierry shared with Jérôme a passion for wine but also for the finer things: gastronomy, cognac, markets, exhibitions, in other words a particular French way of life. Getting together regularly for an enjoyable reunion over a good meal or just to raise a glass, they agreed to follow Jérôme’s idea of creating their own wine in order to share with others these moments which had so shaped their lives. And so the Gourmets du Vin were born.

After travelling to numerous wine regions across France, they settled on the South West – the land of wine, terroir, gastronomy and local traditions – as the place offering the perfect grape varieties to create this wine of friendship. They selected the wines during tastings, and got together one evening to create the final blend – naturally over an excellent meal, how could it be any other way?

Guided by the group’s oenologist Jérôme Barret, they tasted different wines, different origins, different grape varieties, different terroirs, each offering their own vision, tastes and desires – in short, their own personal touch. Discussions were long, inevitably plentiful and animated, but productive!

The result was these wines which we present to you in the hope that you will find they offer all that the friends wished them to contain, with one single aim of offering you a moment of pleasure.